We need to talk

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘Foodie’ as ‘a person with a particular interest in food: a gourmet’.

Let’s get this straight right from the beginning; I am not a Foodie.

It’s true that I lovvvve food. Indeed, if I could be allowed to paraphrase the one and only (fellow reporter) Brian Fantana of the Channel Four news team, ‘food really rocks my boat’.

But I am no Foodie.

No, in setting out this blog, I am determined only to share with you, dear reader, what I like to eat or drink or cook and then eat…there’ll be a lot of eating going on.

Be it a 30-day, air-dried T-Bone steak, or an expertly cooked fillet of sea fresh turbot or indeed a serving of cod and chips (that’s cod and French fries for my legions of American readers) or perhaps a greasy burger, devoured with gusto after one too many beers.

Only what I love to eat, that’s all you’ll get here.

There will be no bad restaurant, ingredient or chef reviews, simply because I will only share with you what I really enjoy eating or drinking or cooking. It’s that simple.

If it all sounds a bit egotistical then…tough, I am not ashamed to say that this is all about me.

So, if you decide to read on, I can promise you the following:

Good food,

Great recipes,

Gorgeous photos,

Gratuitous food porn,


Glorious tales of drinking and eating.

So, assuming you are still here, let us begin.

Let us embark together on a journey of gluttony and delight.

Follow me as I eat and drink my way  around some of my favourite places. We’ll enjoy pubs, takeaways, coffee shops, diners, wine bars, steakhouses, BBQ joints, pizza palaces, high-end restaurants, lowly dives and of course my own kitchen .

Here is a sample of what you can expect.


Together we’ll see what’s new and different, taste and enjoy great food (well, I will but I’ll tell you about it), drink, laugh, confound my tailors and my doctors and with your help perhaps go some way to curing vegetarianism before 2050.


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